Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Three Course Meal £18.95

Sunday 26th March 2017

Mother’s Day Menu

* Appetisers *
Creamed leek soup.
Smoked salmon amuse bouche.
Anti pasta herb buttered toast.
Prawn and seafood coleslaw platter.

* Main Course *
Roast sirloin of beef.
Roast leg of pork.
Blue cheese and mushroom pudding. (v)
Baked salmon hollandaise.
Butterflied grilled chicken breast.

* Desserts *
Pear parkin and custard.
Chocolate bread and butter pannetone pudding and cream.
Fresh fruit salad with creme fraiche.
Sticky toffee pudding.
Downside farm ice creams and sorbets.
Sussex cheeses.

£18.95 adults, £9.95 children.

From 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Booking Essential