Annual Signing On Sheet

All boats competing in race MUST complete the annual signing on form, and return this to the race committee.

This can be completed electronically and submitted to, with the subject marked “race committee”. Alternatively, you can print this out and hand to the race officer of the day, who can pass it on to a member of the race committee.

PDF: Annual Signing on sheet – blank

Word Document: Annual Signing on sheet – blank


Boats completed signing on sheet to May 2017

Twister  –  C. Young

Pleiades  –  C. Erb

White Rose  –  B. Jackson

Elysium  –  N. May

Incognito  –  P. Fletcher

Electric Air  –  D. Child

Magler  –  D. Bird

Kratos  –  R. Martin

Bare Knuckles  –  B. Tugwell