Eastbourne Regatta




The event is held over Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August 2017.

The event is open to all clubs, for both racers and cruisers. There is provision for a “gentlemans class”, which will be entirely separate to the racers, intended to allow cruising boats the opportunity to have a go at racing away from the main fleet. This year we have plenty of shoreside activities with a classic car show, bands, and some Bug dingy racing in the north harbour.

For more details downlaod the official leaflet: SHYC Regatta 2017 Leaflet

Along with first class yacht racing which our regular entrants have come to expect,
we will be holding a separate class for cruising yachts who would like to participate
in the fun of the regatta but would prefer not to ‘mix it’ with the committed racers.
For those who can’t get enough there will also be informal dinghy racing in the SHYC
‘BUG’ dinghies. This will take place in the sheltered waters of the North Harbour on
Saturday after the ‘serious’ racing has finished for the day.
The waters off Eastbourne are sheltered by the downs from the prevailing winds, and
therefore provide excellent conditions for both racing and cruising.
Our shore side team are putting on events that will make this regatta unique,
designed to entertain not only the sailors in the evenings but friends, family and
everyone interested during the day. There will be bands and bars, along with fun
and games for all. We have two floors of yacht club all devoted to the regatta, with
bars, beers, music, cream teas in the afternoon and filling food for sailors and
supporters alike.
S.H.Y.C., in conjunction with Premier Marinas Eastbourne are offering 50% off berthing fees.
Even if our normally reliable fair weather should decide to not favour us we have lots
of room indoors so we will still have a weekend not to be missed. Once again this will
be one to remember.
Nigel Pipe
Rear Commodore Racing- Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club

Sailing Instructions:
2.1 Racing will be governed by;
The ‘Rules’ as defined in the current Racing
Rules of Sailing.
(RRS), the prescriptions of the RYA, the 2017
rules of the IRC, Class Rules for One Design
boats including their crew limits (if any) and the
sailing instructions issued for the event.
2.2 A boat disqualified as a result of a
protest hearing shall be scored as “DNE”
2.3 If there is a conflict between
languages, the English language will take
2.4 Where there is a conflict with the
Notice of Race, the sailing instructions shall
prevail except that neither shall change nor
alter a class rule.
2.5 It is our intention to run racing for those
boats holding Single Event IRC Rating.
3.1 The regatta is open to monohull yachts
that hold or are applying for a current IRC 2016
certificate or Single event IRC rating certificate.
All other yachts will race under the RYA base
NHC adjusted using the Halsail system.
3.2 The regatta will be open to multihull
yachts subject to a minimum entry of 3 boats
prior to the close of the standard entry time
3.3 Eligible boats may enter by either
completing the online entry form on the
regatta web site, www.shyc.co.uk or by
completing the downloadable entry form and
sending it to Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club 3
Harbour Wharf, Eastbourne BN23 5QF or via
email to enquiries@shyc.co.uk
3.4 Entries must be received by the date
indicated accompanied by the appropriate
full payment as shown in article 5 of this notice.
3.5 Incomplete entries will be charged the
applicable entry fee valid at the time the entry
becomes complete.
3.6 Late entries will be subject to
acceptance at the discretion of the Organising
4.0 FEES
4.1 Fees shall be as follows:
a) Yachts: £50.00 for both days, £30.00 for
one day.
b) Yachts entering the Cruiser class are
charged at ¾ of the above entry fees: £37.50
for both days, £22.50 for one day.
5.1 Racing will take place on:
Saturday 26th August 2017
Sunday 27th August 2017
5.2 Racing will be available for the
following classes:
– Cruiser
5.3 Classes may be split depending on
entries. Details will be posted on the SHYC web
site before midday on Friday 25th August 2017.
5.4 There is no official registration after
entry to this event. It is intended that there will
be a briefing for all skippers and crew at the
welcome event on Friday 25th August 2017.
5.5 It is anticipated that the following
races will be run:
 26th August 2017 – 3 races – First start
1000 hr local time
 27th August 2017 – 3 races – First start
1000 hr local time
Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club
Regatta Sponsors
With the exception of the Cruiser class which
will race 1 or 2 races per day.
5.6 Maximum of 1 additional race per day
may be sailed.
5.7 No start sequence will commence
after 15:30 on Sunday 27th August 2017.
6.1 Yachts that do not appear on the RYA
list of base NHC handicap numbers shall
complete and return the NHC handicap
number application form before 12:00hrs on
Thursday 24th August 2017
6.2 Yachts entering IRC classes shall
provide a copy of their current IRC certificate
by Saturday 26th August 2017.
6.3 The organisers reserve the right to
assign a boat to a class within the fleet of entry.
6.4 The organising committee reserve the
right to check measurements and compliance
with class rules and/or ORC safety regulations.
7.1 The sailing instructions will be available
for download after 12:00 hr on Saturday 19th
August 2017 at www.shyc.co.uk.
7.2 It shall be the responsibility of the
competing yacht to download these
instructions. Written copies will not be available
from the Organising Authority.
8.1 Racing will take place within 5 miles of
the entrance to Sovereign Harbour.
8.2 The regatta will be run from the
Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club.
9.1 The Courses to be sailed will be
described in the sailing instructions.
9.2 The Race Officer reserves the right to
adapt or change these courses to suit
conditions. Any such changes will be notified to
competitors via VHF ch72 prior to the warning
signal of the affected race.
10.1 RRS 44.1 shall apply
11.1 The low point system of scoring as laid
down in RRS Appendix A4.1 shall apply.
11.2 3 races are required to be completed
to constitute a series.
a) When fewer than four races have been
completed the yacht’s series score shall be the
total of her race scores.
b) When from four to five races have been
completed the yacht’s series score will be the
total of her race scores less her worst single
c) When 6 races have been completed a
yacht’s series score shall be the total of her
race scores less her two worst scores.
12.1 All competitors shall conform to the
requirements of ORC Category 4, and be
issued with a minimum SSSN 10 or equivalent,
except that any boats that do not comply fully
with the requirements may apply to the
organising Authority for written dispensation.
13.1 During racing, support boats shall
remain more than 100 metres from the course
area, except when asked to assist by the
committee or safety boats, or assisting a crew
in difficulty.
14.1 Boats shall be kept in their assigned
places within the Sovereign Harbour.
Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club
Regatta Sponsors
14.2 Competitors shall obey instructions
from members of the Organising Committee
and staff of Sovereign Harbour.
14.3 Entry to the regatta will entitle entrants
to free mooring from:
1200hr on Friday 25th August 2017 – 1200hr on
Monday 28August 2017.
15.1 Boats shall not be hauled out during
the regatta except with and according to the
terms of prior written permission of the
organising Authority.
17.1 Underwater breathing apparatus and
plastic pools or their equivalent shall not be
used around boats between the preparatory
signal of the first race and the end of the
17.1 Race control VHF channel shall be
17.2 Except in an emergency a yacht shall
not make any radio transmission during the
starting sequence.
18.1 Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd in
each class subject to minimum entry of 5
yachts. Additional prizes may be awarded at
the discretion of the Sovereign Harbour Yacht
18.3 Additional random prizes maybe
awarded at the prize giving.
29.1 The sponsors, The Sovereign Harbour
Club and the members are providing this series
of races only on the understanding that the
clubs, their representatives and/or members
bear no responsibility for any loss, damage,
injury or inconvenience to the boats or persons
howsoever arising directly or indirectly by any
accident or wrongful negligent act, default or
omission of any member or any person during
the Eastbourne Regatta 2017 and any other
related activity. Owners shall acknowledge
their responsibility on the official entry form, and
draw the attention of their crew to this
disclaimer before the start of any race.
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely
at their own risk, see RRS rule Decision to Race.
20.1 Each participating boat shall be
insured with valid third-party liability insurance
with a minimum cover of £2,000,000.
21.1 A full and varied programme of social
events will be provided by Sovereign Harbour
Yacht Club. Details of which will be issued ASAP
to all entrants and be available on the SHYC
web site, including any necessary booking
22.1 Further information will be available on
the regatta web site: www.shyc.co.uk.